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  • Wie funktioniert das mit der Luftseilbahn, wenn ich ein Abendessen im Berggasthaus Brüsti planen will?"
    Die offizielle letzte Talfahrt ist um 18:00 Uhr. Danach haben wir die Möglichkeit dich auch selbstständig herunter zu lassen (ausser bei Fön).
  • How is the mountain inn supplied?
    mit der Seilbahn
  • How many people can stay at Berggasthaus Brüsti?
    31 people 4 x 2 persons in double rooms 1 x 4 persons in a 4-bed room 1 x 7 persons in a 7-bed room 12 people in the mass camp For larger groups we can organize additional sleeping places for you here on the Brüsti (5-10 minutes walk away).
  • Are dogs allowed in the hut?
    No, unfortunately we do not have the possibility to accommodate dogs. The space is not enough to make the stay pleasant for everyone.
  • Can I pay with an EC/credit card?
    Yes, but we charge a surcharge.
  • Is there a hut sleeping bag obligation?
    Yes If you do not have your own sleeping bag, you can also rent a hut sleeping bag from us (CHF 5.00 per person) Covid 19 A pillow suit is also mandatory. If you don't have one, or don't want to take one with you, you can rent it for a fee (laundry) for CHF 5.00 per person. Both add CHF 10.00 per person even for several nights
  • How big are the rooms?
    We have bedrooms of 5 to 12. For organizational reasons, we cannot accept special room requests. We do the division the night before, but we try to make everyone have the most pleasant possible stay.
  • I eat vegetarian/have a special diet, are there any food options for me?"
    Yes, you can let us know when you make your reservation. For deviations from the menu (except Vegetarian) there is a surcharge of CHF 10.00.
  • How many people can be accommodated on the cable car per trip?
    8 persons
  • When and how often does the cable car run?
    Every half hour, every full and half hour. First trip at 7.00 am. Noon until 11.45 a.m. then again at 1.00 p.m. Last trip is at 19.00. Attention, may differ with hair dryer! Night rides possible on request at any time, no night surcharge! In November, April & May, the railway has a reduced railway operation. Travel times: 7.00, 7.30, 8.00, 8.30, 11.45, 13.00, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00
  • Is there mobile phone reception in the mountain inn?
    No, you have to walk about 10 minutes in the direction of Päuggen.
  • What time is breakfast and dinner?
    Breakfast is served for hut visitors between 7:00 and 9:00 am. High-altitude tourers or climbers should contact the hut staff the evening before so that they can arrange an early bird time with us. Dinner is served for everyone at 18:30.
  • Does it have cottage finches, or do I have to take some with me?"
    We have cabin finches of all sizes. However, when fully occupied, bottlenecks may occur.
  • How do I get to the mountain inn?
    By car ​ Drive to Attinghausen UR. Follow the signs for "Brüsti Cable Car". The valley station is located at the large bus turning point. Drive past it until you reach the middle station of the train. Park your car in the large parking lot below the station. The cable car takes you to Brüsti. Our restaurant is located directly to the left of the mountain station. By public transport The cable car is also easily accessible by public transport. There are direct bus connections from Altdorf and Erstfeld train stations to the Attinghausen cable car.
  • By when do I have to sign out if the weather is too uncertain for me?"
    Please contact us 2 days before your arrival. In case of late deregistration, a contribution of 50.- Fr. will be charged.
  • When can the rooms be occupied?
    Check-in from 3.00 pm Luggage can be deposited in the mountain inn during your entire stay.
  • By when do the rooms have to be vacated on the day of departure?
    Check out until 11.00 a.m.
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